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Becoming AI Driven

Organizations have long seen the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to drive efficiency and productivity gains. 

As organizations move rapidly through a cycle of respond, reset and renewing their business they will need to reconfigure their product portfolio and create a scalable operating model, responsive to changing market and employee needs, AI will be a critical enabler. 

Organizations will also increasingly need to embrace AI to reinvent their business models and address new growth opportunities. Organizations will need to rethink how they respond, reset and renew their business with AI at the center for continuity, resilience and growth. 

The Executive Summary Findings from Avanade’s global research involved 1,700 line-of-business and IT decision-makers in 2018, 2019 and 2020, across 15 countries. Respondents’ companies have global revenues of $1 billion+ ($500 million+ in smaller markets) or 3,000+ global employees and participate in a variety of industries. Download your copy to learn more. 

Becoming AI Driven

Insights for successful AI adoption and ROI in uncertain times.