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TELUS Delivers Better CX with a Conversational IVR

Even in the golden age of digital, the IVR is still a critical piece of the customer experience journey. Customers still call when they have a complex issue or can’t get resolution through other channels.  

But with the rise of virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, TELUS wanted to create an effortless IVR experience that would already feel familiar to customers. The telco knew a more conversational experience could reduce customer frustration, as well as cut costs.

Read the case study to discover how the TELUS used Nuance Conversational IVR, to recognize customers’ intents from conversational speech, making interactions with their IVR effortless.

You’ll learn how the telco:

  • Saw a 74% rise in customers using the self-service IVR
  • Achieved a 84.3% successful intent recognition rate
  • Saved $3.8 million in 18 months

TELUS Delivers Better CX with a Conversational IVR

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