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Transformational CX requires wholistic conversational AI

In today’s world, it has become increasingly difficult to compete on product or price alone. Nearly every product or service must deliver on customer experience (CX) as well. Great CX has proven to drive revenue growth, increase value, and reduce costs.

Historically, manual, human-powered communications have been the default system for customer interactions, regardless of the interface channel or any legacy automation. Human-powered communications do not scale due to human resource availability and accessibility. As a result, CX at most organizations has fallen short.

Frictionless two-way communication is key to CX, and it becomes possible with conversational artificial intelligence (AI ), which unlocks the requires potential of automated systems. While conversational AI can improve CX communications, truly transformational CX organizations to take a wholistic approach to conversational AI.

This white paper, written by Omdia, takes an inside look at the current landscape of CX communications, maps out the challenges, and outlines the key elements of a winning plan.

Whitepaper: Transformational CX requires wholistic conversational AI